Freshers' Issue 2020

Welcome to the freshers' issue!
This is a compilation of articles to kickstart your IIIT journey. We have an interactive campus map, a IIIT slang primer, movie recommendations and more!

Your Guide to Lingo at IIIT

We have some crazy lingo here
Learn what they are and what they are used for

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Day in the life: IIIT-H Edition

Get in on the campus experience! Here's what a typical day looks like for students.

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Explore IIIT in an Interactive Map!

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What is research?

A quick look at some amazing work being done at IIIT!

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What makes IIIT... IIIT?

The location, the tight community and much more.

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IIIT Reading List

There's a lot of history to IIIT. Here are some essential reads to catch you up.

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Fan of movies?!

A curated list of movies based on IIIT's branches.

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